Absolute Comfort Heating & Air Condtioning is your #1 sourse for all your HVAC needs! Absolute Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning is a residential and commercial service and installation company for Crystal Lake, IL - Cary, IL - McHenry, IL - Woodstock, IL - Huntley, IL - Island Lake, IL. Absolute Comfort designs and installs Total Comfort Systems for new construction projects. Absolute Comfort also designs and installs In-Floor Heating Systems for residential and commercial projects. For more information, call (815) 893-WARM (9276). And as always...Have a great day!

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  City Crystal Lake , IL
  Zip Code 60014
  Address 60 W Terra Cotta Ave, Suite B #297
  Phone Number (815) 893-9276

  • they want to work on big money jobs, not routine jobs with appointments set up ahead of time

On June 13th I called to set up an appointment to have my furnace cleaned. I was given a window of time between 1-3 pm, no problem. My wife took the day off to be here for them. This morning they tried to cancel our appointment because they had AC repair jobs they wanted to go do. We are in the process of selling our house, we needed the furnace cleaned and my wife took the day off, so no, we want to keep the appointment. The guy who called then confirmed the appointment for 1-3pm.

At 3:20, my wife called to see where they were at. Note that they did not call to say they were running late, we had to call them. Comcast who has the worst customer service in world at least calls you when they are running late. Anyways, they said they would be here at 5 pm. My wife said ok, she had to pick the kids up from daycare, she'll be back at 5. At 4:30 the guy shows up at our???!!! What happened to 5? The technician was dispatched to another job and we were told that he would be back in about 2 hours.

At 6:30 I called to see where they were at, again, no call from them. They said they came back and no one was home. Well I was home by then, along with my family, with TWO cars in the driveway, so they went to the wrong house or are liars. On top of that, the guy who answered the phone at 6:30 felt compelled to yell at me, because they messed? Any ways, go with anyone else but this company, they are not organized, unreliable and liars

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingFair

  • I would recommend this business
  • Fair, fast, proffesional!!
  • None

I called Andy, and he was out almost immediately. Added some freon for me and charged a reasonable price. Very knowledgable, and fair, and courteous. I have reffered Andy to everyone I know.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

  • I would recommend this business
  • I could not be happier!
  • none

I live in Crystal Lake, IL and I called Absolute Comfort out fix my air conditioner. Andy arrived, he diagnosed our problem in less than 5 minutes. Andy found a bad capacitor inside the outdoor unit. He replaced the capacitor, checked freon levels and cleaned our outdoor unit coils for only $194.00. I was very impresed with his customer service and his ability to diagnose and repair our air conditioner in such a short amount of time. Andy is a very friendly man. I believe Absolute Comfort is family owned business. I will recommend this company to everyone one I know. I am so impressed, I am writing several reviews with this same message.

Value for moneyMuch less than I thought I would pay
Service & supportVery friendly and knowledgeable
QualitySecond to none
LocationRight around the corner
Overall ratingExcellent

Customer Testimonials

They did a really great job. Took care of my broken heating system quick. Didn't charge too much to do it also. Thank You.

We are so pleased with Absolute Comfort. Their 24 hour service helped us to learn on a 32 degree night that we needed a new furnace and have it installed the next day before a night of single digit wind chill. The price was fair and the unit top notch.

Beyond the basics, their customer service was superior. Robbie managed to be friendly and awake at one in the morning. Eric and Robbie removed our old unit. The location of our physical plant is tight and challenging. They labored to remove the old unit and kept their sense of humor and caused no damage, which is more than I can say for other people that have faced our utility closet.

Eric installed our furnace and I cannot say enough for the care and professional attention he used for our family. He had fabricated a filter box for us before he arrived with the furnace at 9:30AM. His electronic knowledge for both low and hi voltage devices was evident. He carefully verified the safety and efficiency of our new system. When the lady of the house asked a question, he responded with courtesy, respect and a friendly demeanor.

We are very happy to be warm again and recommend this company without reservation.

I highly recommend Absolute Comfort for their amazing service. Dustin is extremely professional and knowledgeable of his field of expertise. He showed up right on time, diagnosed the problem right away and had my unit up and running without delay. If you want HONEST and TOP OF THE LINE service done at a great price, this is the place to go! 5 stars all around! I will definitely be recommending this business to all of my friends and family.

I highly recommend Absolute Comfort. Dustin has a refreshing knowledge of — and passion for — his craft, from the principles of airflow to the electrical/electronic systems employed by HVAC equipment. For example, he was able to spot-diagnose and correct our malfunctioning furnace, then showed me two extremely useful preventative maintenance tips. When I asked for his opinion regarding some airflow problems we've been having in certain rooms, he provided a thorough, science-driven explanation as to the cause, then detailed a number of possible solutions. Having recently taken the reins of a long-standing family business, it is clear that customer satisfaction, customer education, and pride of workmanship are Dustin's guiding principles. This is a rare combination of virtues today, and you should absolutely take advantage. Call him now.

I definitely recommend this company. I called at 9:30 this morning due to concerns about my a/c. Dustin called me right back. Said he was close enough he could stop by to see what was going on. Dustin and another employee (sorry don't remember his name) inspected the a/c, recharged it and were done by 11:30 am. Cannot beat this kind of service! Honest, hard working, knowledgable, polite....I may have a friend for one of them!!

Joking aside, they also replaced my furnace several months ago and did a great job. They answered my questions and gave honest opinions about replacing versus repair. They don't push you to replace, they let you make the decision, no pressure. Definitely a company you can count on when you need them.

When my a/c stopped working and I didn't know who to call, I did some research and contacted several companies to compare prices, etc. I am so happy I chose Absolute Comfort! The prices were very competitive and the customer service was exceptional! Andy was very professional and knowledgable. He arrived on time, was friendly and courteous, and even removed his shoes each time to walk across the carpeting to the backyard where the a/c unit was located, because I'd just had the carpets cleaned. My a/c was back up and running again within the hour. I would highly recommend this company.

Great service and affordable. I called and talked to Andy, who was very pleasant and straight-forward over the phone. His son, Dustin, came out the next day to quote and do the job a few days later. He was also very friendly and pleasant to work with. I know who I can count on when I have any heating or air conditioning needs. Thanks for the great service :) I will definitely refer all friends and family to these guys!

Its always a worry trying to find a tradesman that's reliable and not too expensive. But STOP! Look no further.

These guys were here the next day ON TIME (now there's a first) fixed my heating and gone in no time. Polite and Professional was an understatement.

My buddy last week had to cancel his meeting with me because he had been waiting in all day for his HVAC guy, and when he did arrive, tore out the whole system and replaced it.

I really wish I had known earlier to give him Absolute Comforts number.

First Class Service.

This is a bit of an unfair review since Absolute never came out to my house. I called them with a furnace issue, and the technician actually talked me through how to fix it over the phone in order to save me the cost of his service visit! WOW! He still offered to come out that very same day if I wanted him to. They DEFINITELY put their customers first - thank you!!!

I have used Absolute Comfort's services for my furnace multiple times (these have each been different issues - they're not screwing up anything and leaving me with a half fixed furnace) and Dustin is always quick to respond, professional, and knows what he's doing (fairly important. You know, because it's a furnace. I don't want my house to turn into a fireball.).

Bottom line, call them. Highly recommended.

Such great service. They were able to work around my schedule with complete understanding and came out to the house the next day. The man who came was very professional and polite. He answered all my questions and fixed the problem. I will definitely call them anytime i have any more heating or cooling problems

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