Ace and A specializes in best quality HVAC repair and service, with A/C Replacement and Furnace Replacement. Sam West After thirty two years with the same hands-on owner, Ace & A Heating and Air Coniditioning has earned its reputation one client at a time. With quality HVAC work after the sale and client care. Family Owned and Operated since 1975.

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  City Decatur, GA
  Zip Code 30030
  Address 2768 East College Ave
  Phone Number (404) 378-5060

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5-minute DIY: How to locate and change your home's air filter:
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Regular maintenance can keep your home's temperature regulated more efficiently:
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Changing your air filter does more than keep your air clean. It also helps keep your whole HVAC system running efficiently! See what else can help make your home more efficient.
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Pollutants in your home's air can cause serious health concerns. Breathe a little easier with these tips.
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From Our Website

A family owned and operated company since 1975, Ace & A has become one of Atlanta's top heating and cooling HVAC companies with expert technicians that keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Indoor Air Quality is important with today's tighter sealed homes. We can provide you with a variety of solutions to fit your individual needs. From UV lights with carbon filtration, plasma generators, steam or evaporative humidifiers and whole house dehumidifiers. Ace & A is a family owned and operated full-service heating and air conditioning company with top expertise in sales, service, and installation that has been serving the greater Atlanta area since 1975.

We are proud to be A Ruud Pro Partner and Fujitsu elite dealer. Ruud has some of the best-designed equipment in the industry resulting in high energy efficiency and outstanding reliability. The Ruud unitary systems are available in efficiencies up to 20 S.E.E.R. For air conditioning and 96% AFUE furnaces for heating. Fujitsu Ductless Mini-Splits are heat pump systems that provide the highest efficiency ratings in the industry (up to 33 S.E.E.R.). These systems operate down to -15 degrees F (depending on model) without having expensive strip heaters like standard heat pump systems.

Atlanta can have some intense winters. The last thing you want is your heating system going out on a cold winter day. Ace & A provides 24-hour emergency service to those that have a winter emergency. Let us help you by either scheduling a routine maintenance inspection before you have an emergency or as soon as an emergency arises. Just like your air conditioner, your heating system needs routine maintenance. Regular inspections and repairs are needed to maintain adequate and reliable service throughout winters.

A service maintenance plan will keep your air conditioning and heating unit in the best working condition possible. Regular inspection and service repairs will reduce major repairs significantly. The more you maintain, clean and service these systems the better your system will function for years in the future. The longevity of the system is dependent on how well you utilize these plans. Take advantage today! Signing up for a service maintenance plan, servicing your equipment, replacing air filters and maintaining the health of your home will save you money on major repairs over the years.

Going a day or even an hour without air conditioning during the hot summer months is not something you want to endure. It is a horrible experience that no one wants to go through. Ace & A provides 24-hour emergency service to those that have an emergency in the worst of times. Our certified technicians will be on site in no time ready to provide you with a quick, no hassle estimate to start your repairs. We quickly explain all costs (no hidden agendas) and service steps so that you know what to expect upfront.

You spend most of your time in your home environment; therefore, it is important that you keep all of the hazardous pollutants out. The air in your home can cause a lot of health problems, in fact, the air inside can be more polluted than the air outside if you aren't careful. Ace & A are proponents of high-efficiency air filtration systems, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, ultraviolet (UV) germicidal lights and other products that ensure your health and safety. The HVAC systems installed in your home should be properly ventilated with quality air filtration (and ductwork) to ensure you get the benefits you deserve.