Understanding the substantial negative impact that deficient building performance, poor indoor air quality, excessive interior and substructure moisture and HVAC system inadequacies have on the Lowcountry's residents and business owners; and realizing a lack of engineering professionals concentrating in this specialized area, Louis Schweers founded GLS Engineering & Testing in 2003.

A Licensed Professional Engineer with over 20 years of residential and commercial experience, Louis has concentrated almost exclusively on HVAC, moisture and indoor air quality issues. His unique combination of education and "real-world" experience qualifies him as one of the foremost forensic engineers in South Carolina. Recognized as a leading authority in the field, Louis is often asked to provide expert testimony in legal cases involving mold, moisture, building performance and indoor air quality issues.

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Air Quality Solutions for Charleston, SC

Indoor air quality has become a major concern for homeowners across the US. Pollutants, contaminants, dust, or pet dander that are in your home's indoor air can be a major health concern for any members of your household. And if there are any elderly people or children in your home, the risks become even higher.

Many homes have moisture-related problems that are unique to our region, or they have deficient air conditioning system. Most homes in the area simply weren't designed with regard to indoor air quality and don't provide the fresh air ventilation, filtration, and humidity control necessary for sensitive occupants.

The professionals at GLS Engineering & Testing can help you ensure that your Charleston home has the cleanest, safest, and healthiest indoor air quality possible.

Mold Testing Charleston SC

Are you concerned that there may be mold in your Charleston SC home? The best way to find out for sure is to test for mold. GLS Engineering & Testing tests for mold via air samples and tape lift samples. Thorough mold testing will include the interior of the home, crawl space and attic. Concerns about toxic mold, black mold or other types of mold that may affect your health and the structure of you home can be eliminated by performing these non-invasive tests; and if a mold problem is discovered, you will have the proper tools to start a thorough mold investigation and get to the root of the problem. A mold-free home is a happy home so call GLS Engineering & Testing today or visit us on the web.

Humidity Control

In Charleston and throughout the Lowcountry, locals are familiar with the adage: "It's not the heat; it's the humidity! " High humidity levels outdoor are uncomfortable, but inside your home or commercial building, they can be much worse than just a discomfort. Humidity is the primary condition that leads to mold growth and overall poor indoor air quality.

Unfortunately, most residential and light commercial HVAC systems are designed only to maintain temperatures and not to control humidity. In many parts of the country, those types of systems are perfectly adequate, but in the Charleston area, humidity is a huge concern.

Give GLS Engineering & Testing a call today to see how we can help resolve your humidity control problem.

Moisture Analysis & Control

Indoor air with excessive moisture is a major problem in many Charleston homes, and it's also a condition that leads to mold, mildew, and fungal growth. Excessive moisture in your Charleston home can also promote termite activity, which will cause hardwood floors to cup and bucks, and it can significantly impact your home's indoor air quality. If you've discovered excess moisture in your home, or if you believe moisture is causing one of the aforementioned problems, GLS Engineering & Testing can provide you with professional moisture control services.

After conducting an interview with you to discuss your concerns and learn about the history of your problem, we'll perform an investigation to determine the source (or sources) of you indoor air's excessive moisture. Then, we'll help you develop a strategy to effectively manage the problem.

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As owner of a local heating and air conditioning company, I've had many occasions where homeowners have expressed concerns over humidity, mold, and mildew in their homes. Louis Schweers at GLS Engineering has been a wealth of knowledge over the years and has provided excellent information and solutions to combat moisture issues. He is our "go to" source for the really tough problems. If you're concerned about possible health risks and damage to your home due to mold and high humidity, GLS Engineering is the one to call. Highly recommend!

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Our goal at GLS Engineering is to help our customers overcome the challenges that our presented by living in a warm, humid environment like the one we have here in Charleston. We work with our clients to help them determine what in their homes is causing them problems, then we help them find the best solutions to those problems. We offer a wide range of services from mold testing to humidity control and indoor air quality solutions. With our knowledge and experience, our professional mold testing engineers aim to help Charleston homeowners keep their homes as healthy and comfortable as possible.

Although this website is primarily geared toward residential clients, moisture, mold and indoor air quality issues are also prevalent in commercial building throughout the Charleston Lowcounty. GLS Engineering has extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with commercial properties and welcomes the opportunity to help address you concerns. If you, your employees, or your tenants have concerns about the quality of air they are breathing, GLS Engineering can investigate, perform testing if necessary, and develop a realistic strategy to resolve even the most complex building-related issues.