We are one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-efficiency axial flow FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic) fans and other related components. The company is a part of the Impact Group promoted by first generation technocrat cum entrepreneur, Mr. Sandeep Badjatia. The Impact Group has supplied more than 35,000 fans all over the world which are collectively saving energy at the rate of a 125 MW power plant.

We have a sizeable inventory of fans, their allied products and spares, as well as warehousing support at New Orleans, LA to cater to your immediate energy saving needs. We have a ready hands-on team that is quick to provide design, engineering and installation support, on and off-site. For us, the customer is the centre of the universe and we show this in our thorough post-sales service.

We are equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, test laboratories and a Computer Aided Design centre which enable us to manufacture high-performance axial flow industrial FRP fans. Our in-house mould making gives us an edge to develop and deliver excellent and high quality products.

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Products & Services

Cooling Tower fans

Cooling Tower fans

Impact fans regularly provide efficiencies of 15-40% over other makes in wet cooling applications like cooling towers. All of our fans installed worldwide are saving energy at the rate of 250MW. Our fans provide a less expensive and quick fix to reducing the auxiliary power consumption in a plant. The fact that the fans are made of FRP makes them extremely corrosion resistant and durable and suitable for years of use without replacement. In summer months, the advantages become even more apparent as the pitch of the blades can be increased to draw more air- something made possible by the high level of energy efficiency.

FRP fans

Impact Cooling Solutions makes extremely energy efficient Fibre Reinforced Plastic fans. To achieve world-beating efficiencies it is important to have the optimum twist, camber and chord widths in a fan's blade profiles. Being able to do so with an alternate material like aluminum would not be feasible. FRP, while being cheaper than competing materials, is also more durable and corrosion resistant. This is particularly important considering the atmospheric conditions a cooling tower fan is exposed to. Besides this, the hand layup process employed with FRP blades is low cost and allows us to have high twists in our profiles to help do away with turbulence.

Axial flow fans

Axial flow fans

Impact axial flow fans have an aerodynamic profile with high blade twist angles and large chord widths that give the world's best efficiencies. Energy efficiency improvements of 20-40% over earlier fans are not uncommon. Blade twist angles up to 44 degrees ensure airflow is uniform hence preventing turbulence. Impact fans are hollow and lightweight which reduces the moment of inertia. Being seamless and UV protected, Impact fans are extremely durable- even having withstood hurricane winds without need for replacement.


Impact fans manufactures fans from 2 to 60 ft. in diameter for a variety of applications ranging from cooling towers, air cooled condensers to ventilation and mining. Impact fans in dry cooling applications have been saving immense amounts of energy over the years. Currently all of our installed fans are saving energy at the rate of 250 MW all over the world. Impact fans can be custom made to suit high temperature applications. While the standard fans have a temperature range of -40F to 248F, the high temperature fans can be operated at 310F continuously- making them a suitable & more energy efficient replacement to Aluminum fans.

Air cooled heat exchanger fans

Air cooled heat exchanger fans

The standout feature of Impact fans is the consistently high efficiencies provided over other fans. This is owed primarily to high blade twist angles. As the tangential velocity is low nearer to the hub the blade angles have to be higher to attain the same air velocity. Using our patented manufacturing techniques, we have given our blades a twist of as high as 44 degrees. This means an Impact fan will have a more uniform airflow distribution which results in a massive reduction in turbulence. Being hollow and seamless, the fans can have a high chord width near the root without increasing the weight by much. Impact's air cooled heat exchanger fans are your best bet to reduce auxiliary power consumption.

Air Cooled Condenser fans

Impact's thoroughly engineered, competitively priced fans are world beaters when it comes to efficiency and durability. The fans have a high twist which enables them to generate uniform airflow which prevents turbulence and massively increases efficiency. Impact fans are vibration free. All the blades are statically moment balanced with each other besides the hub being dynamically balanced. This insures that the centre of mass of the assembly is at the centre of the shaft. Moreover, this allows for single blades to be replaced instead of replacing them in pairs.

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A 250 MW power plant set up by the 'Impact Group'Use of Energy Efficient Fans from the 'Impact Group' has effected in direct energy savings equivalent of setting up a power generation plant of 250 MW capacity considering a modest 10- 15% energy efficiency improvement. Impact Fans prove to be cyclone proof! In the recent unfortunate cyclone, Hudhud, our fans survived direct contact with 216 kmph winds at the Essar Steel plant in Vizag without need for subsequent replacement! Industrial Ventilation is a method of controlling airborne toxic chemicals or flammable vapors by exhausting contaminated air away from the.