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An air-conditioning system maintains desired environmental conditions within a space. In almost every application there is a myriad of options available to the designer to satisfy the basic goal. It is in the selection and combination of these options that the engineer must consider all the parameters relating to the project.

Air-conditioning systems are categorized by how they control temperature in the conditioned area. They are also segregated to accomplish specific purposes by special equipment arrangement. This chapter considers elements that constitute the system. This text describes those systems that are used to solve the psychometric problem and control the environmental conditions of the occupied space, and Chapter 13 discusses the design of hot water and chilled water systems.

The two fundamental objectives of the air-conditioning system are to control the quality of the air in the conditioned space and the thermodynamic properties of the air. Additionally, in conjunction with other aspects of the space and system design, they become the major element in providing for the thermal comfort in the space.

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Our house constantly was having the problem with being hot upstairs and cold downstairs; we had San Antonio Heating and Air Conditioning install a new heat-pump and furnace for us about 2 years ago. Everyone, from the consultant who initially came to our home, installers and the service technicians has been very pleasant and helpful and the system works like a great. The whole house is comfortable now, the system is very quiet, and saves about 40% on our heating bill compared to our old heating system!

Since then we always used San Antonio Heating and Air Conditioning for annual maintenance on our new system. The technicians have been excellent. We had small issue with our new heating system which was under warranty. Simple phone calls take care of everything. They came right away and took care of the problem right away. They always have been professional and efficient. I'd recommend them to anyone.