Santoro Oil Company was first established in Providence, RI, and evolved over three generations to become a full service oil heat, air conditioning and equipment service provider for residential, marine, and commercial customers serving all of Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. We offer free estimates on all heating & air conditioning system installations!

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Air Conditioning Services
  • Guaranteed Delivery
  • Automatic Delivery
  • Price Protection Programs

Contact Details

  City Providence, RI
  Zip Code 02904
  Address 101 Corliss St
  Phone Number (401) 942-5000
  Fax (401) 276-8958

Customer Testimonials

When we moved into our current home we had to call the oil company that had been servicing the house. They were basically useless in helping us. I knew the santoro name so I called to get some info and explain our situation. They came out the very next day, took care of our concerns and set up as new customers. Since then we have had a couple service calls and they have come out quickly and have serviced the house with efficiency and professionalism. The customer service staff have also been professional and helpful. Great service all around.

Thank you for coming out in the middle of a blizzard on 2 hours notice, so we didn’t run out of oil. You helped keep my family warm, and I am so grateful to have your service! Thank you to the delivery man who came and filled out tank. He was so nice, and checked on us to make sure our heat was working before he left. Times like this, companies show their true care for their customers. Much appreciated!

Last winter my heat ( oil hot water) was behaving strangely, with sporadic no heat to an apartment in my house, one zone, or the whole house, all in rapid succession. Each time the Santoro tech was at the house quickly and was very thorough at diagnosing and resolving the issue. Each time, the usual culprits were ruled out, so the tech kept testing the more unusual possibilities. Each time he would find something wrong and replace/repair it.

Turns out it was indeed a series of different things that went wrong. Each time the tech was there to find the issue and fix it, so that we would have heat. Shortly thereafter the house finally sold. Santoro was quick to calculate how much oil was in the tank, so that the closing to finalize in short time. They now provide the heating oil and maintainance for my current home. Great service.

We have been customers for well over 30 years and service has been extremely good, not always perfect but excellent. The young man who cleaned the furnace this year was exceptional...even explained a few things we didn't know after all these years. We appreciated that.

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#energytipthursday Modern heating systems use less fuel than ones from twenty years ago. Now is a perfect time for a new heating system!
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#WinterStorm 1/2 We may see another winter storm by the middle of next week. Make sure that you check your tank gauge, if you are near or at
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(2/2) least 65 degrees to help prevent your pipes from freezing.
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#energytipthursday This weekend is going to be brutally cold, with feel like temps in the double digit negatives! Keep your heat set to at
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We're expecting to see 3 to 8 inches of snow snow tonight into tomorrow. Please plow a path for our drivers to the fill pipe
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(2/2) on your tank gauge. Make sure that if you're a will call customer to schedule your next delivery at 1/4 of a tank left of fuel.
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#energytipthursday although it looks like we'll be spared by the snow storm this weekend. It is important as it gets colder to keep an eye
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#energytip Keep windows blinds and shades open during the day allow radiant heat to enter your home, make sure to close them at night
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