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Simply the Best Heating & Cooling offers a number of services designed to help you save money on utilities and increase your comfort level. Properly maintaining your equipment and upgrading your system when necessary will ensure a happier, healthier and more comfortable living environment.

AC Or Heat Pump Service

Thermostat Check for loose connections that may cause unit short cycling. If possible, check or calibrate temperature readings.
Split Temperature Measure temp drop as air passes through evaporative coil. Ideal temperature drop should be approximately 20 degrees.
Air Filter Inspect air filter. Look for debris that could be restricting airflow in return. Try to inspect the face of indoor coil.
Air Distribution Ask customer how air flow is throughout the home. If airflow is restricted, examine supply and return ductwork plus plentum.
Air Ducts Make sure air ducts are clean and free of growth. Look for signs that may indicate leaks in ducts. (Cold air in attic or insulation in ducts) .
Disconnect Box Make sure all connections are tight. Look for signs of metal fatigue or signs of overheating (Bluish-Green) . Replace if Necessary.
Fuses Check on fuse condition. If fuse is swollen or bad, check disconnect box for loose connection or leaks that may be permitting water inside.
Contactors Check switch for worn or pitted points. Check part for possible discoloration or burnt wires. Replace part if worn.
Start Kit/ Relays/ Transformers Inspect all parts for loose wiring or worn out parts, and ensure parts are securely mounted.
Run Capacitors Check microfarads on all caps. Recommend replacement if they are not within 10%. Check for oil leaks or voltage drop. Replace if bad.
Compressor Check starting AMP draw along with running AMPS. Compare to unit ratings. Look for burnt wires at compressor terminal.
Freon Check system pressures to ensure proper charge on unit. If the system needs more than 2 lbs. Freon will not be added until leak is found and repaired.
Condenser Motor Check AMP draw against max ratings. If needed, oil motor. Check for loose bearings or damaged fan blade.
Condenser Coil Check temperature split on coil. Should be approximately 30 degrees. Ensure coil is clean of debris and fins are not damaged.
Blower Motor Check AMP draw against max ratings. If needed, oil motor. Check to ensure blower wheel is clean and free of bacteria build-up.